Age of Wonders: Planetfall analysis


What’s it? Flip-based planetary conquest 4X with tactical battles.
Anticipate to pay $50 / £45 for the underside model
Developer Triumph Studios
Author Paradox Interactive
Reviewed on House home windows 10, Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 970
Multiplayer On-line, native hotseat, and asynchronous PBEM
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Revenge is a dish biggest served chilly, the normal Klingon saying goes, and nobody is conscious of this greater than penguins. Having made the interstellar journey to this dusty backwater planet alongside my rugged band of frontier fighters, the penguins quickly proved themselves admirable fighters in our wrestle in opposition to the vicious psychic bugs who had confirmed up first. As my troopers fell prey to the bugs’ virulent battle vomit, the 10-foot penguins swooped in to tear the bugs apart with trisected beaks.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall is the long-running fantasy assortment’ sci-fi spin-off; the Alpha Centauri to Age of Wonders’ Civilization II. Followers of the gathering will uncover Planetfall immediately acquainted, as a result of it maintains Triumph’s now well-established ‘faster 4X’ dynamics peppered with XCOM-style tactical battles. What Planetfall has that’s new is a cast of nice factions that modify from hyperintelligent jellyfish to a species that constantly rebuilds itself from the flesh of its fallen enemies.

For newcomers to the Age of Wonders assortment, the bones of the video video games will doubtless be acquainted from the Civilization assortment’ imaginative and prescient of the 4X: arrive on the planet, arrange a major metropolis, evaluation new utilized sciences, uncover and inhabit the encircling areas, and assemble up a military energy to deal with ambient threats and completely different players attempting to do the equivalent issue. Your last goal is to each take away your opponents or full some world-altering achievement.

Nevertheless put aside the hex-based world map momentarily, and also you uncover that Age of Wonders—Planetfall included—shares as loads with the normal Heroes of Could & Magic assortment as a result of it does with Civilization. Proper right here, your heroes and the armies they command are actual characters who purchase experience, research new experience, and may carry an increasing number of lethal gear to bear on the battlefield. These characters all belong to factions which have starkly completely completely different playstyles, nonetheless by establishing alliances and coping with native peoples, it’s potential to mix and match fashions and heroes from all through Planetfall’s large menagerie. And since it’s an Age of Wonders sport, that options battle penguins.

A whole new world

Planetfall’s multi-thread story advertising and marketing marketing campaign serves as every narrative and mechanical introduction to the factions at play this time spherical. There’s the Vanguard, a human faction that’s not too way back emerged from two centuries in cryogenic sleep after the autumn of the Star Union, which by most accounts was a brutal and corrupt hegemony that saved many non-human races in abject subjugation until its collapse. The Vanguard’s laser-toting troopers and helpful drones are most likely probably the most vanilla and acquainted of Planetfall’s races. Over the course of the advertising and marketing marketing campaign you’ll encounter and play as stranger and additional thrilling factions (all of which will be discovered immediately in state of affairs mode).

Whereas the Vanguard had been fast asleep, completely different groups had been discovering their strategy by way of the wreckage left from the destruction of the Star Union. There are the Dvar, Planetfall’s mannequin of dwarfs, this time sporting gasoline masks and vaguely Russian accents. The Dvar want explosive weapons and mining gear, and their midgame fashions can tunnel beneath the battlefield or plow by way of enemy ranks. Later throughout the sport they’ll actually demolish mountain ranges on the strategic map.

The Kir’Ko are an insectoid race, perhaps the nerdier, additional spiritual kinfolk of the bugs from Starship Troopers. They’ve the standard-issue hardened carapaces and slashing pincers in any case, nonetheless they’re moreover equipped with quite a lot of psionic skills that allow them to interrupt enemies’ willpower or bolster each other’s defenses after they stick shut collectively.

(Image credit score rating: Age of Wonders)

With each mission you’ll moreover research additional about Planetfall’s surprisingly deep setting. What at first appeared but another stock-standard sci-fi pretext for dinosaurs with lasers on their heads quickly revealed a world I wanted to check additional about, and whose character backstories drew me forward by way of each subsequent mission. Planetfall flips the script on some long-standing sci-fi tropes in nice strategies. This time, for example, the Kir’Ko ‘bugs’ are the victims of generations’ value of human oppression and enslavement, and we get to experience combating off an infestation inside the kind of “sack bleeders” who they can’t seem like rid of no matter how far-off they journey throughout the galaxy.

Together with the playable species, you’ll moreover encounter plenty of NPC factions scattered all through each map. These native peoples may very well be each befriended or antagonized relying in your targets for a particular sport. They’ve their very personal relationships with each other and your opponents. While you can not select to play as them, establishing perception will imply you’ll be able to recruit their distinctive fashions, which can embrace floating jellyfish mind-flayers and the aforementioned wrestle penguins. There’s a splendid array of fashions on the market and, as throughout the earlier Heroes of Could & Magic video video games, you might be free to recruit, mix, and match as you see match, discovering new synergies and utilized sciences alongside the best way by which.

Faster, Battlecat! Kill! Kill!

Higher than one other specific individual issue, what retains Planetfall feeling modern and pleasant is its comparatively brisk tempo. Settlements are more likely to develop quickly, armies zip throughout the map, and territory is conquered in chunks moderately than as a carry out of steadily bulging borders. Each procedurally-generated world you land on in Planetfall has its private pre-defined geography of territories, and it’s possible you’ll take administration of these deliberately moderately than merely prepared as your inhabitants grows into them, per the Civilization model.

Each colony will entice residents as you assemble enhancements, and as quickly as you’ve reached a certain diploma, it’s possible you’ll choose to annex a neighboring territory. You might nonetheless assemble colonizer fashions, nonetheless these can’t be utilized in adjoining areas. Instead, it’s advisable develop by selecting resource-rich shut by areas, waltzing a navy in and saying you’re the model new lord. This retains the map-filling early sport pleasantly momentary, and inside a pair dozen turns you’ll often uncover that almost all areas have each been snapped up or on the very least been spoken for. As quickly as this has occurred it could probably take plenty of turns in an effort to purchase administration of an enemy’s territory, which can make diplomatic selections much more fascinating.

That enhance in tempo over the usual 4X extends to most factors of Planetfall. While you are free to fuss over each switch throughout the tactical battles, you might be can flip administration over to the laptop at any degree, or have the AI adjudicate them altogether if the odds are wildly uneven in any other case you are not involved with that layer of the game. That could be a shame though, because of Planetfall’s tight methods battles are a take care of, they often quickly become loads deeper than they first appear.

(Image credit score rating: Age of Wonders)

Each unit on Planetfall’s hex-based strategic map is certainly a navy which will preserve as a lot as six fashions, which then duke it out on three-dimensional maps when the dialog goes south. As soon as I first encountered these an Age of Wonders or two previously, I made the error of contemplating that they had been a pleasant nonetheless simplified mannequin of XCOM’s methods battles. I was delighted to check I was unsuitable then, and Planetfall’s broad array of fashions, weapons, and standing outcomes means battles are far more completely different this time spherical. The battle maps themselves are fairly to take a look at and as completely different as a result of the planetary terrain the place they unfold. There are bombed-out highways, jungle temples, industrial parks, and snow-covered alpine landscapes. Some maps are affected by spiny black shards and dimensional rifts.

Possibly you’ve leveled up a captain with perks like Ranged Skilled and Deadeye, and given her a sniper rifle that shoots extra-dimensional void projectiles. You might perch her up on an embankment overlooking the gully the place your Kir’Ko rivals are sure to flood in, whenever you ship in troopers with laser rifles and set them to overwatch for when the bugs inevitably rush to melee differ. Or perhaps you may need a Dvar hero with the piloting and juggernaut perk: pop him into hulking excavator tank and tunnel beneath your foes whereas your Trencher line fashions pop up fortifications alongside the street. Every unit—penguins included—may very well be outfitted with custom-made modules you’ll be able to evaluation or uncover, and endlessly experimenting with completely completely different unit compositions and loadouts is a ton of pleasant.

Properly, it’s usually various pleasant. There are a pair space flies in Planetfall’s space ointment, and a kind of is that information you need may very well be unusually robust to look out at first. Figuring out what different combat standing outcomes actually suggest with regards to gameplay may very well be puzzling, and the in-game Codex shouldn’t be always helpful. It might be annoying to find out what to click on on to have the ability to carry up key particulars a couple of territory you might be considering annexing, and the evaluation tree is initially opaque. It took me just some video video games sooner than I had a company notion of what I tech I wanted or wished, and other people change for each faction. Whereas the tutorials throw various information at you at first, it’s sparse in just some areas the place Age of Wonders departs from the Civilization template.

My complaints, though, are minor. Age of Wonders: Planetfall provides not solely a welcome change of environment from the fantasy landscapes of its forebears, it manages to utilize its sci-fi setting imaginatively and meaningfully. With a pleasant story advertising and marketing marketing campaign and intensely granular customization selections for one-off conditions, there’s loads proper right here into which to sink your enamel—or chittering mandibles, as a result of the case is also.

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