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How to get Canva pro free trial 1 year unlimited

What is canva and canva pro?  How to get canva pro free trial of 1 year?

Some of you might not know what is Canva and what is Canva pro? Canva is a graphic design platform which has enough tools and feature which enables you to easily create graphic designs for your project, social media and so on. Canva allows you to easily create graphic designs such as Instagrams post and stories, business cards, invitation card, logos for your brand, flyers, poster, brochure, social media animations and so on.

You can even add your own creation or photos as Canva’s template by just drag and drop feature. Canva is just a simplified graphic creation software that you can say as photoshop for newbies. You don’t require professional knowledge to use Canva. Just having a little creativity is enough to use Canva.

Anyone can learn and create quickly with the help of Canva. Canva pro is the subscription that Canva offers and for which we need to pay but don’t worry because today we are going to learn a way to get Canva pro for free. Canva also provides free subscription. It is free to use. You can create professional designs even without technical photoshop knowledge. You just need to know how to drag and drop on the template of Canva.

What is Canva?

Canva is a Sydney, Australia based graphic design platform that was launched on 1 January 2012. It was founded by Clifford Obrecht, Melanie Perkins, Cameron Adams. It is available worldwide in 100 different languages. You don’t require high tech or designing skill for using Canva. Canva is quite popular for people in marketing and designing business. Canva is highly popular among social media marketing individuals because it helps to create engaging content consistently.

Canva provides various types of products such as Canva, Canva pro, Canva for enterprises and Canva for education. It is available on android, ios and as a web-based app. Canva valuation has raised to $6 billion as of June 2020.

Canva subscription tiers and pricing

Canva provides three types of subscription which we will discuss in detail. Here is the pricing for Canva pro and enterprise subscription along with features.

  1. Canva free: Canva provides a free subscription for individuals and small working groups. You get access to 8000+ free templates and hundreds and thousands of free photos and graphics. You get access to cloud storage of 1 GB with 2 folders capacity. Canva app is also available for designing and team sharing option is also available for free.
  2. Canva pro: Canva provides Canva pro subscription which cost $12.95 if billed monthly and $9.95 if billed manually. You get access to everything that free has and plus your cloud storage capacity is increased to 100 Gb and you can create unlimited numbers of folders. You can create your brand’s visual identity with logos, and get access to over 100,000 free templates and 60+ million premium stock images, graphics and photos, videos. You can also upload your own fonts and logos and get access to custom templates too. Many editing features like one-click resizer and one-click background remover from the picture are also added. You have 24/7 customer care support.
  3. Canva for enterprise: Canva enterprise account cost $30 USD whether it is billed annually or monthly. You get access to everything that Canva Pro includes plus unlimited cloud storage. Team workflow is also managed with approval based system making it more suitable for enterprises.

Why choose Canva?

You might wonder why to choose Canva because there are many designing software. I think you might be thinking is Canva worth it? Here are some features and advantages of Canva which might help you to be clear.

  • Availability of professionally created templates: There are hundreds of thousands of free and professional templates which make you easier to complete your projects in an easier way.
  • Drag and drop feature: With this feature, you can easily add elements on the image as you like.
  • Simple to use tools and user interface: Canva is simple to use. It doesn’t require professional editing knowledge.
  • Time-saving: There is high availability of templates and design which saves time of completing the project.
  • Large amounts of fonts and image design to use: There is a huge number of font and images to use on Canva. You can even upload your own creations.
  • Many types of content ideas: There are over 50,000 template and millions of photos. You can take them as a reference to come up with your own creation.
  • Collaboration on your project: You can add people to your team and get help to complete your project. This makes it useful not only for an individual but for an organization too.

How to get Canva pro for free? – Unlimited 1-year trial

There are two methods by which you can get Canva pro for free. One method to get Canva pro for free is with GitHub student pack whereas another is getting invitation link through the Canva pro account. We will discuss both methods in detail.

1. Canva pro free with Github student pack

You need to have GitHub student pack at first to get Canva pro subscription free for 1 year. You can check our old article on how to get GitHub student pack for free. After you get GitHub student pack to follow up the process given below.

  1. Open your GitHub education offer page and search for Canva. After that click on the link given at Canva offers.

    How to get Canva pro free trial 1 year unlimited

    How to get canva pro for free

  2. Now signup on Canva with your email or any other option as you like.How to get Canva pro free trial 1 year unlimited
  3. After that click on signup with Github option to claim 1-year Canva pro trial.How to get Canva pro free trial 1 year unlimited
  4. Then authorize your GitHub account with Canva account.
  5. Now claim your free offer to get canva .
  6. Congratulations you just got 1 year of Canva pro subscription for free.How to get Canva pro free trial 1 year unlimited

2. Canva pro free with an invitation link

You can also join Canva pro for free with invitation link for pro users. If you have a Canva pro account made with GitHub pack then you can add users for free in your team providing each one of them with Canva pro subscription which worth over $100 for each. There is a way to do so if you don’t have GitHub account. Here is how to join Canva pro subscription through a team invitation link.

  • If you have Canva pro account made with GitHub student pack then you can add users in your team for free. If you don’t have then don’t worry I will provide my invitation link at the end of the article.
  • To add users just open the menu of Canva through website or app. You must be logged in with the Canva pro account which you have made with Github student pack.
  • Now click on create a team option from the menu.How to get Canva pro free trial 1 year unlimited
  • Click on “Get invite link” option. Then copy the link. Now just provide the link to the people who want to get Canva pro for free.How to get Canva pro free trial 1 year unlimited
  • To make an account with invitation link just paste the link in the browser and search. Here is my Canva pro invitation link.
  • Then just enter your email and pass and signup for Canva.How to get Canva pro free trial 1 year unlimited
  • Congratulation you got Canva pro free trial of 365 days for free. Add as many users you can through invitation link but there is a limitation of the user so please don’t try to make more than one account for yourself.How to get Canva pro free trial 1 year unlimited

Today you learned how to get Canva pro for free. You saved hell lot of money. You can share this knowledge with your friends who are obsessed with designing and creation. Feel free to share and support us. Stay updated for our next article.

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