ESP32 LoRa Gateway For Data Monitoring

In a boiler safety project, we collect 32 thermocouple readings from the depth of a 500MW boiler second pass area,…

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Reference Design For An NFC Based Platform For Measuring Temperature And Light

The RF430FRL152H is a reference design that provides a platform to measure light and temperature using NFC Sensor Interface Transponder.…

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Reference Design For A Capacitive Proximity Detector

Do you want to control your music or lighting with just a wave of your hand? This reference design from…

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Reference Design For Dual Type-C Chargers For Cars

This reference design takes an automotive input voltage of 12V and can charge two devices simultaneously with a total current…

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Why Current-Mode Control In Switching Regulators Matters

There are thousands of different switching regulators on the market. Their election is based on specifications such as input voltage…

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Reference Design For A High Fidelity Headphone Amplifier

Reference design for an audiophile quality headphone amplifier providing high-power high-fidelity amplification for current output audio DACs (digital to analog…

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A Simple Battery Charger With Overcharge Protection

This simple battery charger, with overcharge protection, can be used to charge multiple cells in a battery. It indicates when…

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Reference Design For A Smart Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System

Reference design for a flexible solution that can be used to create a wide range of GPS/GSM/GPRS-based vehicle tracking and…

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A Special Switch For The Specially Abled

Specially Abled persons, without hands or feet, often find it difficult to switch on an appliance. This switch can come…

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Building Optical Flow based Real-Time Motion Detection System

Fig 1. Today we will design a simple optical flow-based motion detection system that tracks the motion and gives us…

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