DIY: Wireless Addressable RGB LED Controller

You might have used RGB led light and used it in the room for decoration and other lighting purposes. You…

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Make Your Own Automatic Gateman

Comment errors or corrections found for this circuit, and get the chance to win big! Automatic gateman: This is a…

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Using Node-RED For IoT And Edge Computing

All of us make use of IoT in one way or the other today, and this usage will only grow…

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Reference Design For A 22kW Industrial Motor Drive

Reference design for a 22kW industrial motor drive for three-phase 400 V AC grids. The REF-22K-GPD-INV-EASY3B can be used for…

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Reference Design For A Three Phase Brushless DC Motor Drive

Reference design for a BLDC motor driver with an integrated AC to DC converter Reference design for a sensorless DC…

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Coal Mining Safety Robot using Arduino

The main objective of this project is to design a coal mining safety robot to detect toxic gases emitted in…

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Automatic Wash Basin Tap Using Arduino

An automatic wash basin tap is quite helpful in maintaining hygiene as it does not need to be touched for…

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ESP32 RTC Based Camera Using Motion Sensor

In the previous version of ESP32 cam project published in February issue you could live stream the video and access…

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Fully Non-Invasive Liquid Level Detector

A non-contact liquid level sensor uses the sensing capacitance of water to detect presence of liquid approaching the sensor. The…

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Wi-Fi Analysing Smart Watch

This Wi-Fi analysing smart watch is another version of the world’s first programmable smart watch with fitness tracking project that…

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