Tips on how to harvest Minecraft honey, honeycomb, and their makes use of

Wish to know learn how to harvest Minecraft honey? Maybe you’ve already tried and have been stung. Don’t fear, we’ve all been there, harvesting honey from protecting bees in Minecraft is a fragile enterprise. The candy, sugary substance and its marvellous makers had been added to Minecraft again in 2019, with extra makes use of for his or her creations added since, so there are many causes to turn out to be a beekeeper together with your very personal Minecraft apiary.

Minecraft honey and its byproducts, reminiscent of honeycomb and honey blocks, present a large number of companies within the sandbox recreation, together with replenishing your well being and starvation, crafting Minecraft candles, and decreasing fall harm. You possibly can even use honey as an ornamental block, so whether or not you’re a builder or survivalist first, you may wish to know learn how to harvest honey and craft this stuff – with out upsetting any Minecraft bees.

Minecraft honey level 5: On the left of the image is an empty bee nest, on the right is a level 5 bee nest brimming with honey

Tips on how to harvest honey in Minecraft

Just like a cauldron, a bee nest fills up in ranges, as much as a max of 5, nonetheless, you possibly can’t harvest the honey till the nest or hive is totally full, that means 5 bees should enter and exit the hive. You’ll know the honey is able to be harvested when you possibly can see the liquid spilling from the hive, as you possibly can see on the correct hand facet of the picture above.

The opposite major factor to remember when harvesting honey – be it a honey bottle or honeycomb – is that taking the efforts of their exhausting work will anger bees except you calm them first. Subsequently, you could place a campfire beneath a beehive or nest earlier than breaking it, or attempting to reap it for assets.

We suggest inserting the campfire within the floor with one or two air blocks between it and the hive, after which inserting a carpet over it (moss carpet blends in properly with grass) so the bees don’t damage themselves.

How to harvest Minecraft honey: Honeycomb and honeycomb blocks

Minecraft honeycomb

With a campfire in place beneath the hive, utilizing shears on a bee nest when it’s at honey stage 5 produces three honeycomb. For an automatic farm, a powered dispenser with shears inside can be utilized to acquire the honeycomb, and gained’t anger the bees.

Honeycomb is utilized in a wide range of crafting recipes, and can also be required for waxing Minecraft copper blocks, which protects the mineral from oxidation.


Mix a bit of honeycomb with a string to kind a candle. You possibly can then add a dye to the candle to vary its color, however this have to be executed after first producing the candle itself.

Minecraft honey and honeycomb uses: A crafting grid shows the recipe for a Minecraft beehive


Place three honeycomb within the centre row of a 3×3 crafting grid, and fill the remaining areas with any picket planks to craft a beehive. A beehive is actually the man-made different to a bee nest, working in the identical approach.

Honeycomb block

Putting 4 honeycomb collectively in a 2×2 sample in a crafting grid will produce a Honeycomb block, which is principally used as an ornamental merchandise because it seems to be fairly cool. Undecided what to make the ground of your Minecraft home from? Why not attempt a honeycomb block?

Minecraft honey bottle

Utilizing an empty glass bottle on a hive or bee nest that is stuffed with honey produces a honey bottle. You should utilize the honey bottle as a meals merchandise to revive six starvation, or to take away the poison standing impact with out eradicating every other standing results you might need utilized. As with honeycomb, utilizing a dispenser with glass bottles inside can produce honey bottles with out angering the beehive’s residents.

Honey bottles may also be utilized in crafting, with one honey bottle producing three sugar – although it is likely to be simpler to simply use sugar cane you probably have some. The primary crafting recipe for a honey bottle, although, is the honey block, which might solely be obtained from combining 4 honey bottles in a crafting interface.

Minecraft honey blocks: A pink-haired player stands on bright yellow honey blocks

Tips on how to use Minecraft honey blocks

As talked about above, Minecraft honey blocks could be crafted through the use of 4 honey bottles, they usually have a variety of makes use of.

  • Cut back fall harm: Honey blocks considerably cut back fall harm (by 80%).
  • Reduces pace: Sprinting throughout honey blocks will significantly cut back pace. This doesn’t simply apply to you, but additionally to objects skimming the facet of a honey block wall.
  • Sticks to different blocks: Honey blocks stick with all different blocks, even slime.
  • Reduces leap peak: You’ll nonetheless be capable to grace the air, simply not fairly as excessive – you gained’t be capable to leap up a normal block. Put this to nice use by creating traps.
  • Transportation: Sure, that’s proper, you need to use honey blocks to create a working conveyor belt. If a honey block is pushed by a piston, you’ll stick with the block. This additionally applies to mobs. Redstone engineers may even use honey blocks to supply flying machines.
  • Guiding mobs: Different Minecraft mobs aren’t a fan of strolling on honey blocks, so that they’ll keep away from them if doable – this consists of animals, monster mobs, and Minecraft village dwellers.
  • Ornamental block: After all, as with all blocks in Minecraft, honey blocks could be purely ornamental! Simply think about the properties above when utilizing it in your cool Minecraft builds, although.

That’s all the pieces we learn about honey blocks in Minecraft, which seem in each Minecraft Java and Bedrock Version. For those who’re in search of the perfect Minecraft seeds to go with your honey builds, experiment together with your honey in some Minecraft mods, or exhibit to your beehive with a swanky set of Minecraft Netherite armour, we’ve obtained you coated.

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