I ruined Santa’s life and career by gifting him diseased raccoons in the Sims 4

This story was initially revealed in July of 2018.

Last I checked in with the Sims 4 mannequin of myself, I used to be trying to create a pink panda by breeding cats and raccoons with their very own grandparents, which left me with six cuddly abominations of nature. I assume they turned out cute adequate, nonetheless I primarily now stick with a half-dozen filthy, chittering multicolored raccoons that I have no idea what to do with (moreover, one canine). As I load up that saved sport, the seashore I was standing on with my noisy, mutated pets is now lined with snow. I’m attempting out the Sims 4: Seasons enlargement, which supplies spring, summer season, fall, and winter, along with new local weather, actions, and holidays.

I frolic inside the snow a bit, setting up a snowman as my dirty pets screech and chitter shut by, until I change into so chilly I look like a white walker from Recreation of Thrones. I’m heading once more to my tiny hovel to warmth up after I spot any individual strolling by.

An individual named Clement Frost is strolling by the neighborhood. He’s purchased an enormous white (correctly, gray) beard and gold-rimmed spectacles, he’s a bit on the portly side, and he’s decked out in winter-themed robes and a hat. ‘Winterfest’, the Sims’ mannequin of Christmas, is just some days away. Completely, this Clement Frost character is just a barely disguised Santa (or Father Winter, as a result of the Sims 4 calls him).

As I watch Clement gad about, I start questioning: what happens if I get to know him? Is he truly Father “Santa” Winter? What if I date him and switch in with him? Will he take me and my stinking raccoons with him when he spreads Winterfest cheer inside the neighborhood?

I rush over and start talking to Clement. He wouldn’t seem to grasp it, possibly on account of he’s presently chatting up a attractive redhead and I’m absolutely blowing up his spot. Sorry, Santa, there are important scientific fake-Christmas questions that must be answered.

Clement and I quickly get to know each other, largely on account of me insisting we solely discuss vampires. Santa is so receptive to talking about vampires that I start suspecting he’s more likely to be one. It’s sensible: he’s immortal, he works at at night, he has enhanced velocity and energy, he directions animals and has a loyal coven of enthralled minions—maybe the one function he drinks milk is on account of no one has been thoughtful adequate to go away out a glass of blood collectively together with his cookies on Christmas Eve.

Finally, Clement begins to like me, and I’ll lure him to my tiny hovel, which is rapidly filling with raccoon pee. After some mild flirting on the couch, I’ve wooed him adequate to ask him to maneuver in with me, or additional ideally, for me to maneuver in with him. His residence perhaps wouldn’t embody as rather a lot animal urine as mine does, besides he lets his reindeer on the furnishings. Sadly, there’s a problem.

Regardless that it appeared to be an risk, the game is not going to let me switch in with Santa. It lists him as ‘At current Not In World’ (one different clue he is an immortal blood-drinking Elflord) and no matter how I put together the file of characters and various raccoons inside the merge containers I cannot stick with him. That’s disappointing, nonetheless I do in the end uncover I can add my cabal of smelly vermin to his household, which can possible be a rattling support to me personally. I moreover uncover I can assign Santa to remain in my hovel, whereas I take over a rather a lot greater residence.

Will it spoil Christmas if I make Santa keep in my tiny residence with my garbage animals? I’m eager to take that menace, even when it’s not the distinctive question I bought right down to reply. There’s one different twist, though, as after I swap properties and pets I’m shocked to look out that I can really take over having fun with as Clement. So now I’ve one different question: if I am Santa, what will happen on Christ-Winterfest-Mas?

As Santa, I attempt to settle into this new and depressing life-style, the place garbage and raccoon pee pile up and the place I cannot sleep for varied minutes sooner than some chittering creature jumps on the mattress and disturbs me. Santa seems a bit blue about these new developments, so I identify the one pal I’ve, which is unfortunately me, Chris, the very Sim who pressured Santa to remain in a shack and dumped a bunch of unwashed, unloved pets in his ample lap.

The one time Santa and Chris seem to get alongside is as soon as they’re attempting to realize with each other, so I proceed down that path. I admit it’s considerably odd, having fun with as Santa and attempting to bang myself, nonetheless even after getting undressed and into mattress we solely wind up bickering. We try occurring a date that night time to wash points over, nonetheless your entire smelly raccoons current up on the restaurant with us. Santa and Chris have an argument inside the parking zone—I really feel I can guess the topic—and Chris storms off.

With Winterfest sooner or later away, I take Santa once more residence and improve the hovel with vibrant banners, a tree, and a few small stacks of presents. A lot of of the raccoons have glowing crimson toes, which feels good and festive until I perceive it’s really the tip outcome some type of horrible foot an an infection they’ve contracted. Chris visits for the holiday, thoughtfully bringing with him a bag of trash that he dumps on the doorway porch. In return I give him a Winterfest current of a ham and cheese sandwich, which he recoils from sooner than laughing in my face.

It’s actually an exquisite, magical, and very romantic Winterfest. Please profit from the holiday spirit inside the video below.

After the current change, numerous naps, and the usual aimless carrying of plates of meals from one room to a distinct, I lastly uncover what happens when you take over one Santa’s life: The Sims 4 merely dispatches one different.

Some man named Hobart Lentz reveals up that night time, carrying the similar outfit as Clement, adorned with the title of Father Winter. Lentz begins dumping stacks of presents subsequent to the row of litter containers within the lounge.

As Santa, I actually really feel usurped by this Lentz character, to not level out depressed on the state of my filthy residence, the gathering of diseased pets I in no way requested for, and what usually is the worst best pal in historic previous. It’s go-time. I downside new fake-Santa to a brawl. You can watch the holidopplegangers go at it inside the video below.

To his credit score rating, even if Lentz wouldn’t like me, he nonetheless hangs spherical after the extended fight, factors some jolly ho-ho-hos, lets me open presents, and even performs with the raccoons a bit sooner than disappearing in a puff of trip smoke.

That’s the carefree, magical life I might need had, if solely I’d in no way met that bastard Chris. I depart the raccoons to gibber of their very personal filth, go exterior, and make numerous snow angels. Merry Winterfest.

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