All Minecraft biomes in 1.19

Minecraft biomes are huge, diverse, and filled with stuff you positively want. As you randomly generate every world, there are by no means any ensures about the place you’ll discover the Minecraft biome you’re searching for. Nonetheless, there could be clues you’ll be able to observe for those who pay shut sufficient consideration.

It’s at all times price going out and exploring above floor to attempt to discover the Minecraft biomes which are close to the place you spawn. Every one gives completely different sources that you could be require in your journey, whether or not that’s to beat the Ender Dragon, or just to create one of the best Minecraft home within the land. Every biome additionally homes completely different creatures, NPCs, and potential loot too. It implies that, whereas discovering all of them isn’t important to your progress, it’d make issues a bit simpler.

With so many alternative Minecraft biomes accessible, it may be extremely onerous to recollect all of them and what they include. Who amongst us has an encyclopedic reminiscence of random issues in video games? That’s why we’ve gone forward and put them into one handy-dandy article so that you can peruse at your leisure and discover no matter it’s good to know.

Minecraft Biomes

Listed here are all the first biomes in Minecraft:

Minecraft biomes - the plains has a few sheep grazing in the corner.


The plains are probably the most fundamental biomes in Minecraft and sure the primary one you’ll see. Apart from providing extensive areas filled with grass and filth so that you can construct or dig in, they’re additionally replete with completely different livestock and may usually include Minecraft villages. There’s additionally a subtype of plains known as sunflower plains, which is – shockingly – filled with sunflowers.

Minecraft biomes - a small lake in the middle of a swamp, complete with lilypads.


Swamps are a bit like plains however are inclined to have a number of extra bushes, and each the grass and water might be barely off-colour. You possibly can simply discover clay right here because of all of the shallow water, and you can too discover each slimes and witch huts in swamps. That is additionally a terrific place for a Minecraft slime farm.

Minecraft biomes - some roses are growing underneath the forest trees.


Forest biomes are filled with bushes. Whereas yow will discover animals inside them, they’re principally good for farming wooden – you realize, due to the entire bushes. Most forests include oak bushes, however yow will discover variants with birch bushes as an alternative. There’s no actual distinction aside from the color of the blocks that get produced.

There’s additionally a ‘flower forest’ variant, which is mainly the identical however with numerous fairly flowers, and also you’re extra prone to discover Minecraft bees.

Minecraft biomes - standing above the treetops of a dark forest, there are mushrooms growing between the trees.

Darkish Forest

Darkish forests are filled with large bushes and, usually, big mushrooms. The important thing distinction between these and regular forests is that this biome is harmful as a result of hostile Minecraft mobs can spawn as a result of lack of sunshine. This biome may also spawn a woodland mansion, nevertheless it’s uncommon.

Minecraft biomes - a giant tree towers over the top of vine-covered trees in the jungle biome.


Jungles are full of giant towering bushes coated in vines and is usually a excellent spot to seek out distinctive sources. Together with ocelots, that is the place the place yow will discover cocoa pods and melons, making this biome a helpful supply of meals. Often you can too discover jungle temples right here too, that are enjoyable little dungeons filled with stone and loot.

Minecraft biomes - a taiga is a forest full of wintery trees.


The taiga options but extra bushes, however this time it’s the noble spruce tree. This biome is extremely hilly, and you may usually discover wolves and foxes wandering round. Sugar cane can be discovered right here. There’s a variant of the taiga, which is roofed in snow; it doesn’t have sugar cane in your Minecraft farm, nevertheless it does have frozen water. There’s additionally a variant of the taiga known as the ‘Great Tree Taiga’, which has mushrooms and thicker bushes.

Minecraft biomes - a snowy tundra region with hills and a frozen lake.

Snowy Tundra

Snowy tundras are coated in snow and ice blocks. These areas are sometimes much like plains when it comes to underlying construction, however all the pieces is quite a bit colder. As a substitute of rain, snowy tundras have snow falling, and also you’ll usually discover a spattering of spruce bushes and roaming wolves. There’s a variant of this Minecraft biome known as the ‘Ice Spikes Plains’, which is roofed with spikes of packed ice. A fantastic place to host your Minecraft Christmas.

Minecraft biomes - a lone cactus in the middle of a desert.


It would shock you to be taught that deserts are filled with sand and sandstone. Together with issues like cacti, you’ll be able to sometimes discover desert wells and desert temples. It’s not probably the most thrilling space within the sport, however glass may be constituted of sand, so for those who’re planning on a Minecraft construct with home windows, it’ll be good to maintain an eye fixed out in your nearest desert biome.

Minecraft biomes - the Badlands is like the desert, but has red sand.


The badlands are quite a bit like deserts however purple. They get their colouring from the combo of clay and purple sand blocks that dominate their make-up and are sometimes devoid of life apart from the odd cactus. You possibly can sometimes discover mineshafts below the floor of badlands, which have rails mendacity round together with a number of different worthwhile objects.

Minecraft biomes - a savanna full of deserty trees.


Savannas can usually be discovered adjoining to both deserts or badlands and is a form of midway level between the extra vibrant plains and the wastelands. Together with acacia bushes, you can too discover villages, horses, and even llamas. It additionally by no means rains right here, which is sweet.

Minecraft biomes - a herd of Mooshrooms grazing in the Mushroom fields.

Mushroom fields

Mushroom fields are unusual islands, normally away from the primary landmass of any given world, coated in a variant of filth known as mycelium. You could find big mushrooms right here, together with a mob known as a Mooshroom, a cow product of mushrooms that it is best to shield/destroy in any respect prices as a result of it’s cute/deeply haunting.

Minecraft biomes - a very tall mountain.


Mountain areas function big stone hills that usually conceal hidden caves and may result in some extra spectacular sights within the crafting sport. Waterfalls, lava falls, big cliffs and deep valleys are all pretty commonplace right here. This can be a nice biome to go to for early-game entry to ore, because the caves that spawn right here are sometimes simple to see from a distance.

Minecraft biomes - a cave in Minecraft with a lavafall in the corner.


Caves are sometimes labyrinthine areas yow will discover underground which are full of completely different ore sorts, a great deal of enemies, and quite a lot of different supplies.

They arrive in a number of completely different variants, with the Minecraft The Wild replace introducing new ones just like the ‘deep dark’, house to the Minecraft Warden boss, and ‘dripstone caves’ which are so massive they’ll have rivers in them. You too can discover ‘lush caves’ full of flowers. Caves are additionally a terrific place to seek out amethyst.

Minecraft biomes - some underwater plants growing in the middle of the ocean.


Stunning completely nobody, the ocean is a giant previous mass of water. It’s genuinely big and is filled with aquatic animals, which range relying on how deep you’re and in addition how heat or chilly it’s. The deep ocean is a variant that goes a lot deeper however may also have deserted mineshafts, ocean monuments, and different alternatives for exploration, supplied you’ll be able to maintain your breath for lengthy sufficient.

We advocate brewing some potions to assist with that: whilst you’re down there, hold an eye fixed out for the notorious Minecraft trident as properly!

Minecraft biome - the player is using the command codes to try to find the nearest Deep Dark biome.

Minecraft biome finder

Searching for a selected biome in your Minecraft seed? You should use the Minecraft biome finder command to find the closest occasion of every biome. Merely sort /find biome [biome name] into the chat window, and also you’ll be given the biome’s coordinates, which you should utilize to teleport your self there (or stroll, after all).

In case you seek for a biome that isn’t current in your present dimension or can’t be discovered close by, the sport tells you it “could not find [biome] in reasonable distance.”

That’s all the pieces it’s good to find out about Minecraft Biomes. We are inclined to see brand-new biomes or variants alongside main updates to top-of-the-line PC video games, so we’ll hold including to this information as we hear extra details about upcoming options. For Minecraft ideas, ensure you try one of the best Minecraft skins so you’ll be able to costume your greatest regardless of the placement.

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