Best Buy will no longer match prices from Newegg

Best Buy continues to be a pleasant place to walk spherical and take a look at the latest laptop techniques, TVs, and completely different shopper know-how, nonetheless the retailer’s typical overpricing retains many people away—no, I’m not paying $40 for an HDMI cable. Best Buy does allow price matching with select retailers, nonetheless that not consists of Newegg.

A put up on the r/buildapcsales subreddit has generally known as consideration to Best Buy’s price matching policy, which not consists of Newegg as considered one of many accepted on-line outlets:

“On the time of sale, we price match all native retail opponents (along with their on-line prices) and we price match merchandise shipped from and acquired by these foremost on-line retailers:,,, and”

That leaves Amazon because the one price matching risk for a lot of PCs and PC {{hardware}}. Dell’s on-line retailer does promote PC components, like SSDs and graphics enjoying playing cards, nonetheless they are not typically on sale. Best Buy moreover accepts prices from native outlets inside a 25 mile radius.

That’s the second time this yr Best Buy has revised its price matching protection—B&H {Photograph} & Video was removed from the list in April. No matter B&H branding itself as a digital digital camera retailer, it does promote all types of PC {{hardware}}, and gross sales are widespread.

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