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What’s it? A falconry impressed Metroidvania / roguelike hybrid
Anticipate to pay $20 | £16 | AU$29
Developer Pixelnicks
Author Screenwave Media
Reviewed on Core i7-4720HQ, 16 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 980M Multiplayer None
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Eagle Island is about exploring a mysterious shapeshifting island whereas pelting its distinctive wildlife to lack of life with a docile chook. Is that this how falconry works? I don’t know. Nonetheless you’re undoubtedly using a surprising creature as keep ammunition, which is slightly little bit of a shock at first. After which, after the shock wears off, actually pretty humorous.

Quill is the precept character, a cherubic pixel boy with a penchant for avian-led assault. Having witnessed the kidnapping of his pet owl Ichiro, he’s compelled to traverse a surprising island alongside along with his remaining pet, Koji, as a technique to put it apart. The island is a dreamlike mixture of ethereal waterside exteriors and moody caves, and the game’s development is a refreshing hybrid of Metroidvania and roguelike. The overworld is static, nevertheless each sidescrolling dungeon is randomised.

Birds of Prey

It’s not a roguelike, though. Overworld progress, along with certain major skills and chook assault varieties, maintain unlocked utterly. It’s inside dungeons the place the roguelike aspect rears its head: Dungeons comprise one different tier of skills which could be misplaced upon lack of life, alongside all progress made in route of an inevitable boss. The dungeon skills comprise diverse buffs and bonuses, and each takes up one amongst four accessible functionality slots. Upon lack of life, all slotted skills are misplaced, as is any international cash accrued inside the dungeon.

It actually works very properly, to begin with: These averse to the crushing lack of progress associated to roguelikes don’t have quite a bit to concern, on account of whereas the difficulty of the dungeons does ramp up significantly, there’s under no circumstances the hazard of shedding a dungeon functionality that strengthens the probabilities in your favour. Just a few do. It’s a little bit of a discount, however as well as a problem for Eagle Island as a result of it unfolds.

Combat is all about tossing Koji the least bit technique of native wildlife: Raging boars, indignant fish, good attempting sentient flowers. Quill can solely toss in a single amongst eight directions, and at first this limitation feels stifling. As quickly as adjusted to (with a controller—keyboard won’t be actually helpful for this recreation), the struggle in Eagle Island can actually really feel like a whimsically violent sort out snooker. Each toss of Koji permits a quick midair pause, and downing foes in speedy succession affords combo bonuses which can current mana and, very infrequently, replenish properly being.

Chirp off the earlier block

As a bird-loving shoot-em-up, Eagle Island works, and there’s no doubting how beautiful it is: every overworld and dungeon are brimming with lively animation and component. However it’s ultimately shallower than it first appears. The first hour or so is spent unlocking an additional three assault varieties for Koji, which add fireside, ice and electrical power outcomes. Other than situations the place they’re required to resolve breezy puzzles, I infrequently used these further extremely efficient assaults all through moment-to-moment struggle.

The scarcity of the mana required to utilize them, blended with the awkwardness of switching between assaults mid-combat, makes them actually really feel ineffective as a rule.

That applies to the looted dungeon skills too, which differ from the ability to pirouette elevated into the air, further speedy restoration for Koji, and diverse buffs to drop fees, amongst many others. Apart from a small handful of skills—particularly, one which turns Koji proper right into a homing missile—these are more likely to actually really feel insignificant. None will flip the future of your run. It’s attainable to broaden your most HP, and I invariably spent my cash on that, comparatively than skills.

The dullness of the abilities undermines the sunshine roguelike technique Eagle Island’s dungeons take, and whereas the extent randomisation is a neat technique to carry points current, it might presumably’t conceal the reality that, 90 p.c of the time, you’re principally having fun with an 8-directional shooter (with a chook!).

The completion of dungeons unlocks eternal skills that allow Quill to find the overworld, and that’s the place the Metroidvania elements creep in. I favored this (very gentle) exploration inside the overworld. Nonetheless, the compulsion to find the meandering dungeons is nearly non-existent on account of, principally, not one of many in-dungeon skills are worth straying off the overwhelmed path for.

So Eagle Island is a barely confused hybrid of a recreation: The movement, struggle, mood and setting I favored, nevertheless it’s all hampered by boring skills and a roguelike contact that doesn’t actually really feel very important. I reckon I’ll nonetheless boot Eagle Island up typically to essentially really feel the gracefulness of its movement and struggle, nevertheless it’s arduous to counsel to anyone nevertheless platformer diehards.

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