5 variants of AMD’s Navi 14 GPU noticed

AMD Navi 14 could possibly be obtainable in 5 variants, a Linux driver entry suggests.


Contained in the agd5f/linux repository yow will uncover a mannequin new entry with 5 Navi 14 GPU variants listed. Let’s look nearer at this knowledge.

5 variants of AMD's Navi 14 GPU noticed

The clocks

A variety of of you will not be accustomed to a time interval of a peak clock. It’s a definition of the proper achievable frequency for a selected GPU. For Vega Frontier, the marketed enhance clock was really additional a peak clock. This, nonetheless, has modified for Navi interval, as peak clock was primarily renamed to enhance clock, and one issue that’s sometimes generally often called a enhance clock is now often called a sport clock. I do know, it’s fairly troublesome.

For Navi GPUs, tech journalists usually tend to examine with an actual-in-game clock as a enhance block (Navi’s Sport Clock). It’s nonetheless not fairly the equal as NVIDIA’s Improve Clock (which is normally decrease than the precise clock), nevertheless it merely matches bigger with any comparisons. For Navi interval, the precise frequency sits between the marketed sport clock and enhance clock (examine this TPU overview as an example).

A Story of GPU Clocks Base Clock Marketed Typical Clock Peak Clock
Turing (Selling and promoting and advertising) Base Clock Improve Clock
Vega (Selling and promoting and advertising) Base Clock Improve Clock
Navi (Selling and promoting and advertising) Base Clock Sport Clock Improve Clock
Navi (Linux Devs) Base Clock Peak Clock


  • Navi selling Sport Clock -> widespread Improve Clock
  • Navi selling Improve Clock -> achievable Peak Clock
  • Navi Linux Devs Peak Clock -> selling Sport Clock -> widespread Improve Clock

The GPUs

As you probably already know Radeon RX 5700 assortment selections three utterly completely completely different GPU variants: XTX, XT, and XL. The XTX variant was not publicly marketed (even after the evaluations went reside). Nonetheless, we confirmed that XTX is reserved for 5700 XT fiftieth Anniversary SKU.

The newest entry all through the Linux repo furthermore lists the XTX variant for Navi 14, nonetheless at this diploma, it is senseless to anticipate a fiftieth anniversary SKU for the RX 5500 SKU. We furthermore know that the XT variant is already within the RX 5500.

That acknowledged, an educated guess may be to anticipate Navi 14 XTX with Radeon RX 5500 XT, which was already seen in some locations, resembling EEC entries:


As you may see, the GPU variant naming schema is a little bit of little bit of a large amount. These are typically not used for selling (for apparent causes), nonetheless they’re very helpful for decoding the purpose of the GPU. Please don’t deal with this chart as a tenet, that is merely an illustration of the favored ones.

Widespread AMD GPU Variants (Gaming)
GPU Event Energy Diploma Platform SKU Event
[GPU] XTX Navi 10 XTX ???? Desktop RX 5700 XT Anniversary
[GPU] XT Navi 10 XT ??? Desktop RX 5700 XT
[GPU] XL / PRO Navi 10 XL ?? Desktop RX 5700
[GPU] LE Cape Verde LE ? Desktop HD 6570
[GPU] XTM Navi 14 XTM ??? Cell RX 5500M
[GPU] XLM / MXL Navi 14 XLM ?? Cell ?
[GPU] M XT LexaM XT ??? Cell RX 550
[GPU] M PRO LexaM Expert ?? Cell 540X
[GPU] M ULP LexaM ULP ? Cell 540

The next chart is dependent upon the mannequin new data from Linux repo. Potential Radeon SKUs to be utilizing these clocks have been furthermore added.

Navi GPU Clocks (MHz)
Radeon SKU Base Sport Peak Improve Improve Peak
Navi 10 XTX RX 5700 XT fiftieth Ann. 1680 1830 1980
Navi 10 XT RX 5700 XT 1605 1755 1905
Navi 10 XL RX 5700 1465 1625 1725
Navi 14 XTX RX 5500 XT (?) ? 1717 ?
Navi 14 XT RX 5500 ? 1670 1845
Navi 14 XL RX 5300 (?) ? 1448 ?
Navi 14 XTM RX 5500 ? 1448 1645
Navi 14 XLM RX 5300M (?) ? 1181 ?

It is usually price noting that Navi 14 XTX might be outfitted with additional cores, as solely 22 CUs are enabled on the XT variant. The complete silicon has 24 CUs:

5 variants of AMD's Navi 14 GPU noticed

Present: Freedesktop by way of Reddit

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