How the Team Fortress 2 community brought it back from the brink

Sometimes something terrible happens to something beautiful. A speedrunner sneezes three hours into a no-hit perfect run and gets tagged. Your favorite MMO shuts down, ending an entire world. The corporate overlords of the least corporate RPG of all time get rid of its creators (opens in new tab). Something terrible happened to something beautiful when Valve let Team Fortress 2 fall into ruin. For years it was virtually impossible to play a casual game of TF2 without being overwhelmed by automated snipers who would headshot anyone in sight, spam hate speech, and even drop links to child pornography.

Not content with just killing everyone on the map, the bots started evolving.

The bots owned TF2. It was really, really, bad. Fed up after years of neglect, the community finally decided to do something about it.

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