Intel points a spherical of worth cuts to its ninth technology F and KF processors

Intel has lowered the price of its ninth interval Core desktop processors with F and KF designations, which denote components missing built-in graphics. Beforehand, the F and KF chips carried the same pricing because of the non-F fashions.

Ahead of we get to the pricing, let’s go over these designations. A “Okay” chip is one with an unlocked multiplier, equivalent to the Core i9-9900Okay (one among many best CPUs for gaming). With the ability to change the multiplier setting the BIOS may be a giant assist in overclocking.

The “F” suffix confirmed up earlier this yr, and is reserved for variations of a processor the place the built-in graphics is disabled, equivalent to the Core i7-9700F. Aside from missing built-in graphics, the choice specs are the same as their non-F counterparts. That is to say, the i7-9700 and i7-9700F have the same variety of CPU cores and threads, the same base and enhance clocks, the same cache affiliation, and so forth.

Lastly, a “KF” suffix merely means it’s each an unlocked processor (as denoted by the Okay) and lacks built-in graphics (as denoted by the F). Our primer out of the best way by which by which, correct proper right here is the mannequin new pricing:

(Picture credit score rating score: Intel)

All eight processors are actually cheaper than before, by way of Intel’s official pricing on every one. Ahead of in the mean time, nevertheless, Intel’s pricing for its F and KF processors was equal to their non-F/KF counterparts. As an illustration, Intel’s official pricing for each the i9-9900Okay and i9-9900KF was listed at $488 before in the mean time. Now the pricing on the i9-9900KF is $463, making if $25 cheaper than the 9900Okay.

In apply, retailers offered the graphics-less chips for a bit lower than their counterparts, regardless that Intel’s pricing didn’t dictate a disparity. Now the price variations all by way of the board are official.

Since Intel’s slide wouldn’t tips the earlier worth parts on any of the fashions, so that’s the approach by which it breaks down:

  • Core i9-9900KF—$463 (down $25 from $488)
  • Core i9-9700KF—$349 (down $25 from $374)
  • Core i7-9700F—$298 (down $37 from $335)
  • Core i5-9600KF—$237 (down $25 from $262)
  • Core i5-9500F—$167 (down $25 from $192)
  • Core i5-9400F—$157 (down $25 from $182)
  • Core i3-9350KF—$148 (down $21 from $169)
  • Core i3-9100F—$97 (down $25 from $122)

So, the opening in pricing between the F and KF fashions and their non-F/KF counterparts is $25 on quite a lot of the SKUs. That is primarily the value Intel is inserting on its built-in graphics, for its ninth gen lineup.

These new costs go into have an effect on instantly, and mirror trays of 1,000 fashions (bulk orders). Which suggests retail pricing is prone to be a bit bigger for particular explicit individual orders. Do it’s important to plan on buying for a ninth gen chip, use these new worth parts as a suggestion.

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