Major events in the Mass Effect timeline

It’s simple to ignore the codex half as soon as you start participating in a Mass Influence sport. You contemplate the taking photos and romancing and flying spherical space ending missions, and in addition you gloss over that one button throughout the menu. In some unspecified time sooner or later, though, you could have to know what the deal is with the geth, or the Citadel Council, or the genophage. Certainly one of many points that makes the Mass Influence video video games specific is how quite a bit aspect is there prepared for you, and the best way quite a bit context it gives to the movement. Mass Influence’s historic previous makes taking photos a bunch of krogans looks like one factor that points, reasonably than merely one different obstacle between you and the next mission full show.

Lastly you’re feeling the urge to look deeper. And that’s when you uncover complete histories of human space exploration and alien contact, and previous that histories for each of the alien species and their progenitors that return tons of of years.

There’s a lot to it. And there’ll most likely be spoilers.

The historic previous of the Mass Influence universe begins some time sooner than 1,000,000,000 BCE—dates are given throughout the format of CE (Frequent Interval) and BCE (Sooner than Frequent Interval)—when a species known as the leviathans controls the galaxy. Observing a repeating cycle by way of which civilizations collapse after creating synthetic lifeforms that activate their creators, the leviathans search to interrupt this cycle by, sarcastically, creating a man-made intelligence. They identify it the Catalyst.

The Catalyst is supposed to operate a bridge between pure and artificial life, working to guard pure species at any worth. The Catalyst, believing battle to be inevitable, sees among the best methods of reaching this to be taking pure civilizations at their peak, shortly sooner than they’re chargeable for his or her very personal downfalls, and absorbing their genetic supplies into new lifeforms that it may presumably protect perpetually. It preserves them, nonetheless solely throughout the sense that it turns them into jam.

The Catalyst begins with its private creators, remodeling them into the first reapers and beginning the battle its creators had tried to steer clear of.

Major events in the Mass Effect timeline

1,000,000,000 BCE

A reaper known as the Leviathan of Dis is defeated by the exact leviathans. In the long term, nonetheless, the leviathans fail. The reapers begin their cycle of accelerating cultural improvement by leaving mass impression experience lying throughout the galaxy for them to go looking out, then absorbing these species as quickly as they turn into superior adequate.

48,000 BCE

The protheans are the ultimate in a protracted line of species to fall to the reapers. In distinction to their predecessors, the protheans had found of the reapers and begun to rearrange for his or her arrival, though they’ve been too late. Their preparations survive into the next cycle, nonetheless, inside the kind of the Crucible.

1900 BCE

Nuclear battle devastates the krogan homeworld of Tuchanka, and the superior society of the krogan devolves into thought-about one in all warring clans in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Major events in the Mass Effect timeline

580 BCE

The asari, the first post-prothean race to come back throughout the mass impression relays and develop faster-than-light journey, uncover Citadel Station.

500 BCE

The Citadel Council is customary after the asari are joined on Citadel Station by salarians, the two species working collectively to go looking out and unite totally different civilizations. Contact is made with quarians, volus, hanar, and batarians.

1 CE

Certainly one of many Citadel Council’s interplanetary expeditions encounters the rachni after opening a relay leading to methods managed by their hive ideas. The Rachni Wars begin.

Major events in the Mass Effect timeline

300 CE

The rachni are declared extinct after being defeated by the krogan, who’ve been genetically uplifted by salarians notably to combat them. As a reward for his or her efforts the fast-breeding krogan are given rachni worlds and a number of other different planets in Citadel space to settle.

693 CE

Beelo Gurji, a salarian agent working for the Citadel Council, is accused of using civilians as bait all through an espionage operation. Considerably than being punished Gurji is promoted, becoming the first Spectre. The Spectres are given bigger freedom than totally different brokers and are meant partly to regulate krogan progress.

700 CE

Krogans found a colony on the asari world of Lusia. They refuse to depart, so Spectres launch a strike in direction of them. The krogan retaliate, and the Krogan Rebellions begin. First contact is made with turians, who be a part of the battle in direction of the krogan.

710 CE

Turians launch the genophage, a bioweapon developed by salarian scientists, which causes a genetic mutation in krogans that reduces the viability of their pregnancies. The impression is devastating.

Major events in the Mass Effect timeline

800 CE

The long-term impression of declining krogan populations brings an informal end to their menace. Their place on the center of the Citadel military is taken by the turians.

1400 CE

Widespread industrialization on the drell homeworld of Rakhana leads to environmental collapse.

1600 CE

The servants of the reapers known as “collectors” are seen throughout the Terminus Methods, nonetheless these tales are dismissed by the Citadel Council as rumors and the existence of the collectors as a delusion.

1895 CE

The technologically superior quarians uncover that their robotic servants, the geth, have achieved sentience. Fearing revolt, the quarians begin destroying the geth, which leads to the very revolution they feared.

1980 CE

An asari named Aria T’Loak takes over Omega station and turns into generally called the Pirate Queen of Omega.

Major events in the Mass Effect timeline

2000 CE

First contact is made between drell and hanar, who begin evacuating the drell from their dying homeworld. These drell who survive form a symbiotic relationship with the hanar, which they identify the Compact.

2069 CE

Human beings begin to settle Earth’s moon, setting up Armstrong Outpost.

2148 CE

Using data current in prothean ruins on Mars, individuals uncover that Charon, beforehand believed to be a moon of Pluto, is unquestionably a mass relay. They journey by it to Arcturus.

2156 CE

Children in Singapore who’ve been unintentionally uncovered to ingredient zero begin displaying telekinetic abilities. At least, just a few of them do. Others merely develop most cancers.

2157 CE

Whereas activating a mass relay, human explorers are attacked by turians on account of, to forestall a repeat of the Rachni Wars, the opening of latest relays is prohibited. What individuals identify the First Contact Battle begins. Turians identify it ‘the Relay 314 Incident’. You can study additional about this throughout the comic information Mass Influence: Evolution.

Major events in the Mass Effect timeline

2163 CE

Members of the four-eyed batarian species uncover the stays of an enormous, once-living starship known as the Leviathan of Dis—a reaper.

2165 CE

Humankind’s Methods Alliance turns into an affiliate member of the Citadel Council.

2171 CE

A member of human-first paramilitary group Cerberus assassinates Pope Clement XVI using poisoned rosary beads. He is modified with a pope additional agreeable to Cerberus beliefs. (Previous the video video games, Cerberus are expanded on throughout the novels, notably Mass Influence: Ascension and Retribution.)

2176 CE

The Andromeda Initiative, a collaboration between quite a few species who plan to ship Ark ships to settle the Andromeda galaxy, is predicated. Though will most likely be a one-way journey, their long-term plan is to open a route between the two galaxies.

Major events in the Mass Effect timeline

2183 CE – Start date of Mass Influence

Folks and turians collaborate to create a craft known as the SSV Normandy to be captained by the first human Spectre, Commander Shepard. Rogue Spectre Saren Arterius leads an assault on the Citadel on behalf of the reapers and is repulsed. A month later, Mass Influence 2 begins with the destruction of the Normandy and the shortage of Shepard.

2185 CE – Foremost events of Mass Influence 2

Cerberus succeeds in reviving Commander Shepard after two years of effort. The first wave of the Andromeda Initiative departs to settle a model new galaxy, having accelerated their plans in response to the reaper menace.

2186 CE – Start date of Mass Influence 3

Reapers invade by batarian space, in the end reaching Earth. Shepard makes an try to make use of the prothean system known as the Crucible to defeat them fully.

2744 CE

Throughout the Heleus cluster of the Andromeda galaxy, first contact occurs between the kett and angarans. The kett appear peaceful at first, nonetheless then kidnap angaran leaders and sow discord between angaran worlds.

2819 CE – Start date of Mass Influence: Andromeda

Three of the Andromeda Initiative’s Ark ships arrive throughout the Heleus cluster and are attacked by clouds of darkish vitality known as the Scourge. You can study additional about this throughout the novel Mass Influence: Nexus Riot.

Major events in the Mass Effect timeline

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