Meet one of many final constructive communities left in gaming

In a job like this, you spend numerous time wanting by way of totally different on-line gaming communities, attempting to find information, tales, and the ambiance round a sport. From Reddit to Fb to Discord, from multiplayer shooters to aggressive card video games to roguelikes, there’s just one fixed: everybody’s at all times complaining.

Okay, not fairly everybody, however negativity predominates way over it ought to. For each one cheerful put up about how a lot enjoyable somebody’s having with a sport, there will be ten complaining about buffs and nerfs, whipping up conspiracy theories concerning the builders, chiding different gamers for his or her behaviour, or claiming the sport was higher at some unspecified level previously. Virtually each sport neighborhood throughout the web is like this. With one notable exception.

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For years now, in my stormy feed of Name of Obligation gamers screaming concerning the newest gun and Hearthstone gamers declaring the meta lifeless for good this time, there’s been this one constant brilliant spot—a bunch of dwarf miners cheerfully shouting “Rock and stone!”. Via thick and skinny, the neighborhood round co-op shooter Deep Rock Galactic has been a haven of positivity. Certain, they’ve their issues with updates and steadiness modifications typically, however on the entire they spend their time sharing memes, providing recommendation to “Greenbeards” (newcomers), telling humorous tales of their experiences within the sport, and posting screenshots of vaguely phallic ore formations. 

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