Seagate is skipping the hard drive’s funeral, plans to have 50TB HDDs in 2026

It was barely over a month previously when Jarred shoveled filth on the mechanical drive, saying HDDs had been lifeless to him because of “even large SSDs for the time being are fairly priced.” He is not fallacious. On the an identical time, Seagate says keep the boat—it’s planning to launch additional capacious HDDs inside the near future, and if points go to plan, can have a 50TB HDD by 2026.

“Instantly, Seagate is the one agency mass producing 16-terabyte drives, which might be the potential benchmark for the enterprise. We’re making able to ship 18-terabyte drives inside the first half of calendar 12 months 2020 to maintain up our enterprise functionality administration,” Seagate CEO Dr. Dave Mosley said all through an earnings title, a transcript of which is on the market at Seeking Alpha.

Together with launching an 18TB HDD in early 2020, Seagate plans on introducing a 20TB sometime later inside the 12 months.

(Image credit score rating: Seagate)

Seagate posted a roadmap in September that signifies its upcoming 18TB model will use the an identical typical magnetic recording (CMR) know-how as its 16TB model. Extra out, nonetheless, the 20TB will most likely be constructed spherical Seagate’s shingled magnetic recording (SMR) know-how. On how these differ, Synology’s article on the topic offers a reasonably good breakdown.

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