Star Trek: Borg is a ’90s FMV game that doesn’t completely suck

One in every of Star Trek’s most divisive characters is undoubtedly Q, an extra-dimensional troublemaker who delights in hassling the crew of the Enterprise, and has appeared in fairly a number of spin-offs along with Voyager and Deep Home 9. Some people hate Q episodes, nonetheless I like them—largely resulting from John de Lancie, who performs the character with absolute relish. So as soon as I heard about Star Trek: Borg, an FMV sport launched by Simon & Schuster in 1996 that is primarily an interactive Q episode, I wanted to play it.

You can not switch for terrible FMV video video games inside the 1990s. These ‘interactive movement footage’ had been notorious for having low-cost manufacturing values, unhealthy performing, and lacking any identifiable interactivity. What items Star Trek: Borg apart, nonetheless, is that John de Lancie is sweet in it (he’s good in each half), it was filmed on the an identical items as a result of the TV current (notably Voyager), and although it’s merely as linear as a result of the worst low value vary CD-ROM video video games, it makes use of Q’s dimension-hopping powers to do one factor a bit further attention-grabbing with the type.

It’s no Tapestry (my favourite Q episode, from season 6 of The Subsequent Expertise), nonetheless it is one amongst a handful of ’90s FMV video video games that is actually nonetheless worth having fun with proper this second—and for further than merely laughing at how unhealthy it is. In any case, your mileage may differ when you do not love Star Trek—nonetheless would you could possibly have be taught this far in another case? The game was written by Hilary J. Bader, a creator on TNG, Voyager, and Deep Home 9, and was directed by Star Trek veteran James L. Conway, which makes it actually really feel like an real part of the universe.

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