The perfect No Man’s Sky mods

No Man’s Sky has gotten various large updates over the earlier three years, most currently the Previous substitute which carries the official 2.Zero stamp. That doesn’t suggest modders aren’t nonetheless making their very personal modifications and additions to Hey Video video games’ expansive space sim.

Some mods make modifications to spaceships and sources, whereas some improve visuals, outcomes, the UI, and totally different choices. Must you’re wanting to spice up your space travels, set your sights on our guidelines beneath. Listed below are probably the greatest mods for No Man’s Sky.

We’ve got updated our guidelines to remove mods that no longer exist or don’t get updates and have marked every with the mannequin of No Man’s Sky that it helps. Take a look at once more rapidly for further additions appropriate with No Man’s Sky Previous.

Fast Actions

Download link | Updated for 2.0 (Previous)

It is not merely No Man’s Sky: a ton of video video games over the last few years have gravitated to a system the place instead of merely tapping a key to hold out an movement, you have to preserve it down until a circle or sq. fills. And it is not always a nasty issue: usually you do want to make sure you are performing the movement on perform. Nonetheless it has its irritations, too, when it’s utilized all through the board. This mod by Lo2k brings once more tapping for certain actions, like menu alternative, transferring sources to and out of your ship, talking with NPCs, boarding your ship, and others. There are even utterly totally different variations of the mod (akin to medium velocity actions, instead of instantaneous) when you occur to’re .

Download link | Updated for 1.75 (Visions)

No Man’s Sky’s ships are already pretty cool wanting—notably distinctive ones—nevertheless they do are prone to seem like they’re made out of plastic. This mod by redmas gives a cool metallic texture to fighters, to make ships seem like they’ve been inbuilt a producing unit pretty than in a toy retailer.

Asteroid Low cost

Download link | Updated for 1.5 (Subsequent)

The difficulty with needing to refuel your pulse drives is that you just’re in space, in all probability hours or days from the closest planet beneath common propulsion. Learn how to steer clear of stranding players? Cram every inch of outer space with asteroids so that you presumably can quickly refuel. This creates one different draw back, though: every inch of outer space is now stuffed with asteroids, and asteroids seem like large turds, and it’s altogether lame. Modder JimmyB236 did what Hey Video video games must have achieved: there in the mean time are far fewer asteroids to dam your view, nevertheless significantly further sources to be mined from each of them.

Lowered Launch Value

Download link | Updated for 1.77 (Visions)

Filling your launch thrusters with fuel is, personally, basically probably the most irritating job in No Man’s Sky, and I’ll leap at any chance to spend a lot much less time on it. This mod from Lexman6, updated for Subsequent, has three selections counting on how lots empty launch thrusters bother you: they are going to require 50% a lot much less fuel, 25% fuel, or no fuel the least bit.

Clear Space

Download link | Updated for 2.0 (Previous)

That’s right down to private want, nevertheless when you occur to suppose your view of space may do with some decluttering, you may have to flip your eyes on this mod by Paletizma. It removes velocity traces and commerce routes out of your show, along with mud and plasma. It moreover comes with various utterly totally different variations, when you want to maintain a couple of of those outcomes nevertheless not others.

Superman Movement

Download here | Updated for 1.77 (Visions)

I don’t discover out about you, nevertheless as soon as I envision carrying a jetpack it’s for the goal of flying, not briefly lifting into the air for a pair seconds sooner than landing once more on the underside with a thud. So, I’m not absolutely enamored of No Man’s Sky’s jetpack. Modder TheNextGDD allows you to merely fly with the jetpack, which is appropriately. It is, in any case, a jet. Now it will act like one.

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