DIY: Management TV With Alexa IoT TV Controller

DIY: Management TV With Alexa IoT TV ControllerIn a sensible house digital home equipment will be managed by way of voice or gesture, together with a TV set. Sadly, this characteristic isn’t accessible in most TVs. To make use of such a characteristic, a Fireplace TV stick is required, nevertheless it offers solely restricted TV entry.

So, right here is an thrilling IoT venture to make an Alexa IoT TV controller that may remedy the issue. The system works by connecting Alexa to an IoT gadget over Wi-Fi. The IoT gadget receives instructions from Alexa to set off the IR LED for controlling the set-top field or TV.

Author’s prototype
Fig. 1: Writer’s prototype

The Alexa IoT TV controller is not only restricted to controlling TVs. You need to use it to regulate any gadget that makes use of an IR distant management. Sounds fascinating? Collect your instruments and allow us to get began with this terrific IoT venture.

To put in the ESP8266 board in Arduino IDE, go to Information→Preferences→Paste the URL. Then go to Instruments→Board Managers→Search esp8266 and set up the board in Arduino IDE.

Additionally, set up the library espalexa in Arduino IDE, which is able to permit Alexa to regulate the IoT home equipment which were added to the Alexa app. Subsequent, set up the IR distant library that may can help you decode the hex code for transmission to the TV.


We have to write two codes: one for ESP8266-01 that shall be used as an IoT gadget for Alexa and the opposite for Arduino that may set off the IR LED to regulate the TV. For controlling the TV utilizing Alexa, create the code utilizing espalexa library. It additionally permits the addition of lighting units to Alexa. Nonetheless, do keep in mind to set the operate for passing the management instructions to Arduino for controlling the TV as an alternative of lights.

Code for ESP8266
Fig. 2: Code for ESP8266
Code setup function
Fig. 3: Code setup operate
ESP code consisting of commands to send from serial to Arduino
Fig. 4: ESP code consisting of instructions to ship from serial to Arduino
Arduino code
Fig. 5: Arduino code
IR remote code
Fig. 6: IR distant code
Arduino code with IR PWM code to send from IR LED
Fig. 7: Arduino code with IR PWM code to ship from IR LED
Defining variables to store the IR code array
Fig. 8: Defining variables to retailer the IR code array
Arduino setup function
Fig. 9: Arduino setup operate
Loop function for Arduino
Fig. 10: Loop operate for Arduino
Code sending IR signal for respective buttons of remote
Fig. 11: Code sending IR sign for respective buttons of distant

Esp8266-01 code

For writing the code, first initialise espalexa library after which add the required gadget(s) within the code in order that Alexa receives the operate of particular person buttons of the TV distant.

Be aware. Since espalexa can’t be made to work as a distant gadget, use the next hack as an alternative. Create a operate for gentle, which is able to set off the IR LED of the TV and allow you to regulate it like an IR distant. For instance, for the ‘on’ button, create a operate named as Mild 1 within the code. Proceed including 13 to 14 separate features, say, Mild 1 as much as Mild 13 (as per requirement) for performing different operations.

Within the setup operate, set a serial baud fee of both 9600 or 115200 in order that instructions will be efficiently handed on to Arduino.

Create a loop operate for setting the operate of units corresponding to Mild 1, Mild 2, and so on.

Each time Alexa is given a command, it should set off features Mild 1, Mild 2, and so on related to a particular linked gadget, that’s, TV distant. These features correspond to instructions like quantity up/down, TV on/off, subsequent channel, favorite channel, and so on.

Arduino code. Write the code for Arduino to retrieve instructions from espalexa after which set off the IR LED to carry out as a TV distant management.



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