Dragon Quest 11’s true ending is remarkable, if you have 100 hours to spare

Spoiler warning: This textual content is all about Dragon Quest 11’s third act and its ending, so it might comprise some story spoilers.

Sixty hours into Dragon Quest 11 the credit score rolled, nonetheless I wasn’t glad after defeating the evil wizard and restoring peace to the world. I was pissed off. It merely felt all incorrect. It was anticlimactic. The big unhealthy had a cliché remaining kind, and that was it? After a quest this prolonged my characters have been merely going to fly away, cue credit score? Every of those these made for a disappointing finale after so many hours. Nonetheless they weren’t the precise draw back: The true draw back was that so many points felt unresolved, it was exhausting to think about this was the ending to a languidly-paced RPG that may’ve tied all of the issues up with a bow.

The third act is all about committing wholeheartedly to the pursuit of a cheerful ending, even when that means going once more in time to set points correct.

Why had a cutscene a few hours earlier centered in on a mysterious character, nearly screaming that’s important? What was the deal with the large fireball inside the sky that the villain destroyed, which my heroes had been attempting to do themselves? Why had I been accruing so many devices and crafting belongings inside the remaining dungeon if I would under no circumstances get a chance to utilize them?

I should’ve realized that wasn’t the precise ending, {{that a}} recreation made with such care wouldn’t depart a single plot thread dangling. Nonetheless I had no thought what I was in for: Whereas some RPGs mean you can protect participating in after the story is accomplished, Dragon Quest 11 unfurls a distinctive third act—dozens additional hours of story, its true villain, and a grand finale—after the credit score roll for the first time. I had loads further left to go.

Dragon Quest 11's true ending is remarkable, if you have 100 hours to spare

Dragon Quest 11’s first ending feels remarkably very similar to the story of Closing Fantasy 6. Midway by means of the game, the unhealthy man wins. The world is plunged into darkness. Your failed heroes finally rise and reunite, nonetheless it takes many sacrifices to hold you to a second showdown with the conquering, cackling villain. Nonetheless the place Closing Fantasy 6 was okay with the darker tones of leaving its world half destroyed, Dragon Quest 11 is, at its coronary coronary heart, not that kind of recreation. It’s a feel-good, unabashedly earnest save-the-world journey. And that means saving all people. The third act is all about committing wholeheartedly to the pursuit of a cheerful ending, even when that means going once more in time to set points correct.

It is a vital twist. Dragon Quest 11 presents you once more administration after the credit score roll, as you reunite along with your of us some months after caring for the evil Mordegon. The world has been rebuilding and mourning its misplaced. Prolonged story fast, you uncover your methodology into an unlimited temple that was teasingly inaccessible earlier inside the recreation and uncover you’ll ship your protagonist, and your protagonist alone, once more in time to relive your first battle in the direction of Mordegon, when all of the issues went to hell.

I cherished how Dragon Quest 11 refuses to cut any corners for this second. In the event you return to your get collectively, they’re exactly as you left them an excellent 20 or 30 hours sooner than, correct proper all the way down to their devices and instruments. They’re curious why you seem a bit utterly totally different (and the place you acquire your new sword), and the extra ranges you’ve got bought gained mean you can tear by means of random battles with ease. Rapidly the story is taking you on a totally utterly totally different path, and all of it performs out similar to the mirror universe mannequin of the 30 hours or so of recreation you’ve got bought merely been by means of.

There are new sidequests, characters once more from the lifeless, downside dungeons that remix earlier locations in new strategies. What would’ve been a post-game in most RPGs, geared towards avid gamers who merely want to wring additional downside out of battle, is, for Dragon Quest 11, merely the rest of the game. You’ll have dozens of hours to spend on this planet after it’s completely unlocked, with fast journey and solely a ridiculous number of points to do. I spent a few additional hours inside the on line on line casino, found learn how to farm liquid metallic slimes for big XP, hunted down crafting books to make among the many recreation’s best instruments, and found the true story of the legendary hero who preceded me. And it’s all tinged with the joys of understanding you’re rewriting the historic previous you merely lived by means of.

There’s additional to the story of your predecessor, Erdwin, than you’d suppose.

Dragon Quest 11 is totally an excessively prolonged recreation, sleepily pacing out story beats all through 80-100 hours, with little in the way in which during which of character enchancment given how prolonged you spend listening to characters communicate. Your crew are a pleasing, lively bunch—they’re good characters, merely not notably deep ones. Sooner than the credit score rolled the first time, I was pissed off by the shallow characterization and the sluggish tempo. Nonetheless although the get collectively doesn’t develop significantly inside the remaining hours, I would take into consideration the third act essential to the experience of Dragon Quest 11, even when it’s supplied as an optionally out there addendum to the story.

Primarily, for individuals who’ve already spent 50+ hours on this recreation, what’s a few dozen additional? The whole thing comes into focus in act three: Not solely is every mini storyline resolved, nonetheless Dragon Quest 11 lastly reaches the grandiose scale, with a cosmic drive of darkness as a result of the true villain, to justify its overly simple premise.

All of it comes collectively too neatly, luckily, and earnestly for a recreation launched in 2018… till that recreation is Dragon Quest.

I would barely play an RPG with superior character motivations and arcs and a objective barely a lot much less cliché than saving the world. However after I am going to keep away from losing the world, let me do it through the use of an unlimited magic whale into space and punching a nasty man inside the face with the ability of sunshine. And since time journey is already on the desk, let me rewrite the tragic future of this world’s first heros and supplies them a cheerful ending, too.

All of it comes collectively too neatly, luckily, and earnestly for a recreation launched in 2018… till that recreation is Dragon Quest knowingly fulfilling its perform as an entire know-how’s videogame comfort meals. Creator Yuji Horii has acknowledged Dragon Quest 11 was designed to be an homage to all of the sequence and a celebration of its 30 yr historic previous, and that’s obvious inside the stunning 3D fashions of decades-old monster sprites, the fundamental music, the turn-based battles, and scattered small references.

Nonetheless it truly comes into focus the second time the credit score roll, as scenes from all the Dragon Quest video video games play out in succession, linking your journey to every one which’s come sooner than. Throughout the recreation’s remaining moments, the orchestral theme kicks in and Dragon Quest 11 presents you one last little reward for the large journey you’ve got bought taken: the title of an actual hero, straight linking your character to the first trilogy of Dragon Quest video video games made so a couple of years previously.

When this Japanese industrial for Dragon Quest 11 bought right here out, a yr sooner than I would play the game in English, I assumed it was distinctive for conveying deep nostalgia for the sequence even for individuals who didn’t talk the language. I didn’t rely on it, nonetheless the ultimate 5 minutes of Dragon Quest 11 hit me the an identical methodology: They made me actually really feel linked to a legacy that began 32 years previously, although I’ve under no circumstances carried out these genuine video video games. That’s the facility of Dragon Quest’s devotion to its private historic previous. It may need taken me 90 hours, nonetheless that was an ending nicely definitely worth the wait.

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