Absolutely Non-Invasive Liquid Stage Detector

ashwiniA non-contact liquid stage sensor makes use of the sensing capacitance of water to detect presence of liquid approaching the sensor. The sensor has a particular static capacitance because of the distributed capacitance.

When the liquid stage slowly rises near the inductor, the parasitic capacitance of the liquid is coupled to the static capacitor, inflicting the ultimate capacitance of the inductor to turn into extra important. The capacitance sign is then enter to the controller IC for sign conversion. The change in capacitance is transformed right into a proportional variation of {the electrical} sign, after which the algorithm detects and judges the diploma of the change.

When the quantity of change exceeds a sure threshold restrict the liquid stage is taken into account to succeed in the sensing level. The identical is authenticated within the proposed setup by means of a buzzer (provision for relay and/or LED interface is feasible through mode choice).

Fig. 1: Author’s prototype setup to detect liquid level
Fig. 1: Creator’s prototype setup to detect liquid stage

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