GitHub announces web command palette, revamped Issues, and much more

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Microsoft-owned GitHub revealed a slew of new features today, including Jira-like project management, a web command pallete, and more.

GitHub is one of the largest code repositories in the world, hosting source files and management tools for hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of software projects across the world. It’s one of the best services for maintaining open-source software, with powerful issue management, continuous integration support, and much more. Today is the start of GitHub Universe, the company’s annual development conference, and there’s some exciting news.

As highlighted in the GitHub Universe news roundup, some fantastic improvements are on the way for the GitHub website. The new GitHub Issues experience, available as a public beta, introduces project boards and dynamic tables with advanced filtering. It’s much closer to platforms like Jira and Asana, with the ability to create custom fields and switch projects between private and public viewing (check out a demo here). GitHub Discussions is also adding labels and support for the GitHub mobile app, with polls and insight dashboards coming within the next few months.

GitHub command palette
GitHub command palette (Source: GitHub)

Perhaps the best addition to the GitHub website, especially for people used to working in IDEs like Visual Studio Code, is a new command palette. Pressing Command+K on Mac or Control+K on Windows and Linux now opens the palette, which can quickly take you to any project, repository, pull request, or issue without lifting your hands off your keyboard. It can also be used to run select commands.

GitHub is also rolling out several improvements for Actions, the platform’s continuous integration tool. Workflows can now be reused from a single repository, new APIs are available for auto-scaling self-hosted Actions, and support for Open ID Connect (OIDC) authentication support has been added.

You can read about everything coming to GitHub in the company’s GitHub Universe roundup. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go try out the new project boards.

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