Jetpack Compose comes to Android TV, Compose Material 3 reaches stable

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If you’re a developer, you probably know what Jetpack Compose is. Material 3 Stable is now here, along with Compose for Android TV.

Jetpack Compose is a declarative UI engine written in Kotlin that aims to replace or be a viable alternative for classic imperative UI engines, like Android’s XML layouts. In essence, Jetpack Compose is a powerful code-only layout engine that can make UI implementation a lot easier. It was first released in alpha in August last year, followed by a beta release in February this year with a lot more additions. Now, at Google’s Android Developer Summit, the company has announced that Compose is coming to Android TV. Even better is that Material 3 is now in Stable, meaning that you can use it to build your apps with confidence.

Compose Material 3 offers Material Design 3-styled components and theme, enabling Material You personalization features like dynamic color. Compose Material 3’s library contains new versions of many UI components, such as buttons, cards, checkboxes, switches, navigation bars, drawers, and many more, with support for others on the way. Google has also released documentation showing you how to migrate your Material Design 2 app to Material Design 3. There are also improvements to different Android Studio versions that you can use to build in Jetpack Compose, as outlined below.

Android Studio Dolphin is the latest stable release, with:

  • Animation Coordination
  • Multipreview annotations
  • Recomposition counts in Layout Inspector

Android Studio Electric Eel contains beta features, like:

  • Live Edit (experimental)
  • Composition rendering highlighting
  • Configuring Preview devices
  • Live updates in Previews

Android Studio Flamingo contains canary features such as:

  • Live Edit turned on by default
  • Improved composition tracing to help you better inspect performance issues.

Not only that, but Google announced that Compose is now available in Alpha for Android TV. Components like Carousel and ImmersiveList have been implemented, with more to come in the future. This comes after Compose reached stable for WearOS earlier in the summer.

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