Reference Design For Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner design integrates a microcontroller, superior infrared performance, and clever suction administration.

Vacuum Cleaner Circuit Board
Vacuum Cleaner Circuit Board

As we speak’s vacuum cleaner is a necessary house instrument. The upright and canister fashions are its two major types. Whereas upright vacuums are standard within the US and UK, canister sorts dominate the European market. To simplify the design course of NXP Semiconductor has launched the reference design for a vacuum cleaner that makes use of a common motor, which means that the motor can function from an ac or dc provide. Vacuum cleaner motors can attain speeds of as much as 30,000 RPMs. This speedy operation is crucial to supply potent suction with a compact fan. In distinction, an induction motor’s pace is capped at 3600 RPMs.

The reference design relies on the HC908KX8 microcontroller unit (MCU), which produces the triac drive waveform and regulates the motor’s pace. Microcontrollers improve these superior fashions by incorporating options like infrared or wired distant controls, standing LED indicators, and automatic suction administration. A potentiometer adjusts the motor pace, with the MCU gauging the potentiometer by means of an analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) port pin. Present injection into the MCU is managed utilizing a high-value resistor. To drive the triac instantly, four-port pins present ample sink present. A cost pump energy provide powers the MCU and the trial’s drive present. This energy provide technique is efficient solely as much as roughly 20 mA, with its provide present decided by the AC line capacitor’s measurement. Nonetheless, a fundamental cost pump energy provide wants the present capability to energy standing LEDs. To scale back the triac drive present, a delicate gate triac may be employed.

The design of the vacuum cleaner incorporates section angle management, which entails delivering solely a bit of the AC waveform to the load. The first perform of the section angle management software program is to generate the set off pulse for the triac. The software program has been developed for fundamental vacuum cleaner common motor management. The design additionally options an inner oscillator and a small 16-pin bundle. The software program is appropriate with the inner oscillator or different low-cost RC oscillators. The reference design has eight Kbytes of FLASH reminiscence, ample for a modest program. The section angle management software program occupies simply round 1.2 Kbytes of this reminiscence. The height present of the vacuum cleaner motor design is roughly 40 amps. 

NXP has examined this reference design. It comes with a Invoice of Materials (BOM), schematics, and so on. You will discover further information in regards to the reference design on the corporate’s web site. To learn extra about this reference design, click on right here.

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