The best FPS games you can play right now

FPS games are close to our hearts here at PC Gamer, not only because the PC is the best platform to play them on, but because it’s where they were born. The folks at id Software started a beautiful tradition of first-person combat that dominated the ’90s and exploded into the next two decades. Of all the genres the PC gaming community considers ‘ours’—the RTS, RPG, point-and-click adventure—the FPS is the one that’s only gotten more popular over time.

It’s a genre known for its violence, yet it’s hardly the reason we’re drawn to them. We celebrate the immersive potential of seeing through the eyes of someone else, and how the invasive point-of-view challenges our physical and emotional responses to problems thrown directly in our faces. FPSes are often intense tests of reflex, but they’re also foundations for truly engrossing worlds and social spaces that rival anything else gaming has to offer.

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