The best horror games in 2022

Plenty of the best horror games have come to our platform of choice in recent years, which makes sense because horror has a long history on PC. The first survival horror game was a Japanese homage to Alien called AX-2: Uchū Yusōsen Nostromo, released on the PC-6001 and Commodore PET all the way back in 1981. The ZX Spectrum made the early first-person graphics of 3D Monster Maze possible, and later technological advancements would be paired with games like Alone in the Dark and The 7th Guest. 

Not every horror game on PC is about the latest in graphics, of course. Just like the best horror movies, the best horror games know that what they don’t show can be as scary as what they do. Games from indie studios with shoestring budgets have terrified us just as much as those with piles of money behind them.

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