Constructing a System to Monitor Exercise With none Wearable Sensors

Is it potential to watch any particular person’s exercise with out utilizing any wearable and breaking their privateness?

In case you are a physician or spy and requested to watch the particular person’s well being actions however you may’t use the digicam within the washroom and wearable sensors on the physique whereas bathing or showering.

So to unravel this limitation, we designed a tool that makes use of the radar sensor and the waves that detect human movement exercise and vitals like respiration fee, heartbeat, pulse, and many others.

Now you may monitor the particular person’s exercise even after they bathe.

Right here we’re utilizing a 24HZ mm-wave sensor that detects actions and in addition tells the heart beat and respiratory fee. In case you are making an attempt to get the vitals like a heartbeat, pulse fee, and different vitals, then you need to use the 6HZ sensor.

So right here is the listing of all of the elements that it’s essential make this mission.

Invoice of Materials

Component List
Part Checklist
Activity Tracker without wearable sensors
Exercise Tracker with out wearable sensors


First, we have to put together the Arduino for coding. Right here we’d like the library to interface our sensor. Obtain Library

After this, we will create the code to detect the actions.

Initially, we provoke the software program serial for interfacing with the radar. Then, we create a loop operate that reads the information acquired from the radar sensor and analyzes it by implementing an algorithm to detect human actions and states. The system supplies output by way of the serial port, indicating whether or not the particular person is sleeping, operating, shifting, sitting, studying, or strolling, and in addition stories their respiratory fee.

Activity Tracker Code
Code snippet

Circuit Connection

Radar Sensor Major Board
5V –> 5V
RX –> 2
TX –> 3

Testing and Working

After importing the code open the serial monitor and examine the studying open the serial port after which you may see the readings. 

Activity Tracker Device
Exercise Tracker System

Serial Monitor Output

Serial Monitor Output
Serial Monitor Output

Obtain Code

You may as well examine extra such Arduino initiatives.

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