Reference Design Of The Helpful Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner design combines comfort and energy, utilizing an air pump, a sensorless 3-phase BLDC motor, and a sophisticated microcontroller to supply twin suction ranges.

handy vaccum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner, usually referred to as a sweeper or hoover, employs an air pump to attract in mud and particles, primarily from flooring and different surfaces like upholstery and curtains. Battery-powered hand-held variations are more and more fashionable for on-the-spot cleansing, providing a fast, handy, and environment friendly cleansing answer. Renesas has launched the reference design for the useful vacuum cleaner to simplify the design course of. The reference design for a useful vacuum cleaner permits for the adjustment between two ranges of suction energy: excessive and low. The power of suction for every degree is offered by a sensorless 3-phase BLDC motor rotating at excessive velocity. Being battery-operated and cordless, it simplifies vacuuming, making it an easy one-handed activity.

The reference design relies on the RL78/G1F microcontroller unit (MCU), geared up with an built-in programmable achieve amplifier (PGA), comparator (CMP0), and a pulse width modulation (PWM) choice unit A (PWMOPA) for exact overcurrent detection and PWM output-forced cutoff management. With its 120-degree conducting management, the system’s 4-input selectable comparator and auxiliary motor management timer enable for sensorless rotor place detection, whether or not the motor is stationary or working at speeds exceeding 50,000 rpm. Furthermore, the ISL94202 Li-ion battery monitor IC manages energy, overseeing battery charging and discharging, present and voltage monitoring, and sustaining battery steadiness.

The on-chip options of the useful vacuum cleaner embody a debug perform, a power-on-reset circuit, a voltage detector, a watchdog timer, a key interrupt perform with six enter pins, and a clock output/buzzer output controller. It additionally boasts a Binary-Coded Decimal (BCD) correction circuit, 44 Enter/Output (I/O) ports, and an array of timers and serial interfaces. Its converters are available Analog-to-Digital converter (A/D) and Digital-to-Analog converter (D/A) varieties with resolutions of 8/10-bit. Furthermore, it has two comparator channels, a Programmable Achieve Amplifier (PGA) channel, a knowledge switch controller, and an occasion hyperlink controller. The standby perform might be set to HALT, STOP, or SNOOZE mode relying on necessities. The design operates inside an influence provide voltage vary of 1.6 to five.5 V and might perform from -40°C to +85°C.

The system prompts as soon as the Battery Administration System (BMS) board’s pack energy output plug is linked to the motor management board’s energy enter plug. To evaluate battery standing, the microcontroller interfaces with the Li-ion battery by way of the Inter-Built-in Circuit (I2C). The motor’s Unfavorable Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistor is hooked up to its temperature sensor interface. This setup permits the MCU to watch the motor’s temperature repeatedly. If temperatures rise past 65°C, the motor halts.

Renesas has examined this reference design. It comes with a Invoice of Materials (BOM), schematics, Printed circuit board (PCB) format, Gerber recordsdata, and many others. You will discover further information concerning the reference design on the corporate’s web site. To learn extra about this reference design, click on right here.

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