Meet the erotic roleplayers making a residing in Last Fantasy 14’s personal mini-Vegas

As I step contained in the personal room of Jessica Tulipe—a towering Viera with mahogany hair and flopsy ears—I am stunned at how unassuming it’s. It is adorned fantastically, with a bar and plush seating space dyed in a shiny crimson hue. Nevertheless, it isn’t precisely the type of room I anticipated from any individual who describes their character as knowledgeable dominatrix.

I should not have been so fast to move judgement. As Jessica approaches a bookcase, two secret doorways swing large open. Behind them sits cleverly positioned furnishings—lanterns have been barely sunk inside an ottoman, their spherical handles poking out to resemble restraints. Wood slat partitions type a small room within the nook, nothing greater than a few pillows and shelving inside it. Whereas I am fairly certain I do know what it’s, I examine with Jessica anyway.

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