Os Automation, AI That Can Work Like You

“ AI that work as an assistant for employees, AI that works instead of you when you are busy”

With the event of know-how and AI we now see the longer term and in addition fear that AI may change people and even work in firms rather than human there are numerous works through which AI takes from human and work for them as an alternative of people like analyzing knowledge and coding and plenty of different works so is it actually doable can AI actually in a position to do work rather than us can AI work as an worker within the firm. So immediately we are going to attempt to make such an AI that may help us to do our duties and automate our OS we nonetheless attempting to check the opportunity of the way forward for AI that may automate the duty and work as an alternative of us so let’s begin our challenge with following elements

Os Automation, AI That Can Work Like You
Fig1 . Raspberry pi importing code autonomously
Os Automation, AI That Can Work Like You
Fig 2. Raspberry pi os

Invoice Of Supplies

Os Automation, AI That Can Work Like You


First, we have to arrange the raspberry pi with newest Raspbian os after that we allow the VN and get the raspberry pi desktop on laptop if in case you have HDMI monitor then you definately not want to do that. Subsequent, we have to set up the python modules and library that assist us in automating the OS, and the duty we set to this. We additionally want to put in the most recent python and its IDE as you put in the most recent os on raspberry so it comes with pre-installed if its not pre-installed then set up the python and its IDE first . Subsequent, open the terminal and set up the python modules and library utilizing the next instructions .

sudo pip3 set up dlib
sudo pip3 set up opencv
sudo pipe set up guibot
sudo pip3 set up os-buttons-automations
sudo pip3 gui-automations 

Os Automation, AI That Can Work Like You
Fig 3. putting in python GUI bot

Getting ready AI Bot 

For automaking the varied job and the work you need your AI bot to automate you must make the customized code right here is the straightforward technique of tips on how to make the AI bot by utilizing and automating my very own job. So right here my job is to obtain a sure supply code then write the code in Thony IDE and take a look at that code after that add the code to my microcontroller right here I made an AI bot that automates this job and does this work as an alternative of me. You comply with an identical course of for instance and make your personal AI bot that does work as an alternative of you, you can also make your bot to do monitor the EMAILS reply to the emails schedule the emails to ship, or repair appointments with purchasers, or proe[prate and add the varied code to chip or take a look at your varied code discover the errors and provides the record to you there are numerous job that you would be able to program your bot to do and work rather than you , 

Right here we make the bot that downloads the code then uploads then run that code and take a look at the code and add the code in my microcontroller. SI suppose you’re employed for firmware engineer and want to check a lot firmware after which must add the firmware to over 100 to 1000 microcontrollers or chips on this case you bot do that job as an alternative of you your bot open the IDE take a look at the firmware and add the firmware to 100s of microcontroller linked to the system one after the other so bot do the duty as an alternative of an worker.

So right here for BOT coding first we have to import all of the modules we put in earlier

Os Automation, AI That Can Work Like You
Fig 4. Importing the modules

Now We have to seize the icons and pic for the steps we do to carry out the duty so our AI bot does picture processing study and finds and acknowledges the place and what to click on for the duty. Right here our job is to obtain the code after which write that cod in THoney ODE run that code take a look at that code after which add that code to the microcontroller SO right here we have to open the online browser so we seize the online browser icon then we seize the search icon after which URL to obtain the code subsequent we seize the Thoney IDE icon and run code icon and add icon and save all this pics in the identical folder the place we hold the code. 

So after importing the library, we create the code that can discover the browser icon on GUI thne after discovering the browser icon on GUI our code makes click on on that icon to opn the browser then our code searches for the obtain hyperlink of the code.

Subsequent, we create the code that searches the beginning menu icon to open the beginning menu then our cod as soon as finds this icon it seems for programming they usually icon and after discovering that on GUI it opens that HONEY IDE and creates the code for the microcontroller to add 

Os Automation, AI That Can Work Like You
Fig 5. Icon
Os Automation, AI That Can Work Like You
Fig 6.The Icon that Code search on GUI

Now our code seek for a run and add icon to add the code to microcontroller


Now our bot i prepared everytime you run the code it performs the code making and testing and importing half routinely with out you want and it may well add the code as many as microcontroller the place you need to add. So your Ai bot works as an alternative of you and add the code to microcontrollers with out you and do your job.


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