Reference Design For A 200W Adjustable Energy Provide

Reference design for a non-isolated adjustable 5V to 200V energy provide with a most output present of 4A.

Reference Design For A 200W Adjustable Energy Provide

In some functions, similar to medical home equipment, audio amplifiers or precision measurement devices, even a small quantity of ripple could cause vital distortion or errors. Due to this fact, you will need to design energy provides with low ripple to make sure correct efficiency of the system. To simplify the job of energy electronics engineer, Texas Devices (TI) has launched a reference design of an influence provide primarily based on SEPIC topology for delicate functions.

PMP22270 from TI is a 5V to 200V energy provide which might present an output of as much as 4A. The output voltage is about utilizing a 0% to 100% duty-cycle, pulse-width-modulation (PWM) enter. The reference design work with a 40V enter and provides an effectivity of as much as 93.7%. The design Permits low-input-ripple voltage and low EMI in comparison with flyback converters.

The reference design is predicated on LM5022-Q1 which is a excessive voltage low-side N-channel MOSFET controller preferrred to be used in enhance and SEPIC regulators. It comprises all the options wanted to implement single-ended major topologies. Output voltage regulation is predicated on current-mode management, which eases the design of loop compensation whereas offering inherent enter voltage feed-forward.

A SEPIC converter (Single Ended Main Inductance Converter) is a sort of DC-DC converter that may step up or step down an enter voltage to provide a regulated output voltage. It’s much like a buck-boost converter however makes use of a singular topology that enables for a non-inverted output voltage with respect to the enter voltage. The principle benefit of a SEPIC converter is that it could preserve a relentless output voltage over a variety of enter voltages, together with these which might be greater or decrease than the output voltage. This makes it helpful in functions the place the enter voltage might range, similar to in battery-powered techniques or automotive electronics. Moreover, a SEPIC converter can present a low ripple output voltage, which is necessary for delicate digital units. Nonetheless, the complexity of the SEPIC converter topology implies that it may be harder to design and management than different kinds of DC-DC converters.

The PMP22270 reference design provides excessive effectivity, the graph under reveals the effectivity of the reference design with completely different enter and output load.

Reference Design For A 200W Adjustable Energy Provide

This reference design has been examined by TI. It comes with BoM, schematics, calculations for elements, and so on. You will discover extra knowledge concerning the reference design on the corporate’s web site. To learn extra about this reference design click on right here.

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