Reference Design For A Excessive Constancy Headphone Amplifier

Reference design for an audiophile high quality headphone amplifier offering high-power high-fidelity amplification for present output audio DACs (digital to analog converters)

Reference Design For A Excessive Constancy Headphone Amplifier
Audio amplifier reference desgin on PCB (Supply: TI)

Are you an audiophile or music lover who notices all of the beats, all of the devices, all of the little nuances in an artist’s voice? Do you additionally really feel that the standard of the track deteriorates whenever you plug in your costly, high-quality headphones, and audio system out of your smartphones or laptops? Then this reference design is for you! This reference design from Texas Devices (TI) is for a high-quality audio amplifier that may enhance the standard of sounds and improve the quantity too.

The TIPD177 is a reference design for a high-quality headphone amplifier. It offers a whole answer for driving headphones with excessive audio high quality and low distortion. The IC integrates all vital features, together with level-shifting, gate drive, and safety, making it a handy and cost-effective alternative for headphone amplifier design.

This reference design offers a cleaner, extra correct and extra dynamic sound, with much less distortion and noise. It might probably additionally improve the quantity and drive headphones to greater volumes, bettering the listening expertise. The amplifier reference design is appropriate with a variety of headphones, making certain compatibility with numerous kinds of headphones. Furthermore, it may be used with various kinds of audio sources, making them a flexible alternative for various listening eventualities.

The circuit is designed to transform the differential output present of an audio digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) right into a single-ended voltage able to driving low-impedance headphones. Two op amps are used as trans-impedance amplifiers which convert the DAC output present to a differential voltage. A distinction amplifier then converts the differential voltage to single-ended. A high-power, the high-fidelity two-channel audio op-amp is used within the distinction amplifier to instantly drive stereo headphone masses at output powers > 100 mW. The block diagram of this circuit is given under:

Reference Design For A Excessive Constancy Headphone Amplifier
Simplified Schematic of DAC Output Circuit (Supply: TI)

The reference design is appropriate to be used in Hello-Fi smartphones, headphone amplifiers, USB DAC, notebooks and gaming motherboards for PC and laptops, tablets, and so on.

This reference design has been examined by TI. It comes with BoM, schematics, calculations for parts, and so on. You’ll find extra information concerning the reference design on the corporate’s web site. To learn extra about this reference design click on right here.

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