ESP32 RTC Based Camera Using Motion Sensor

ashwiniIn the previous version of ESP32 cam project published in February issue you could live stream the video and access the video over Wi-FI. Carrying that forward, in this project the ESP32 cam attached with RTC can take pictures based on time and save them on an SD card attached to the board. The design can be further developed to capture a video picture only when some motion is detected, so that it can act as a wireless security camera.

The author’s prototype is shown in Fig. 1 while the components required for the project are listed under Bill of Material table. The circuit diagram for the ESP32 RTC based camera is shown in Fig. 2.

Author’s prototype soldered on board
Fig. 1: Author’s prototype soldered on board

Download Source Code

This project will be published in a few weeks. If you want to access it now, refer to Electronics For You’s March 2023 Issue–print or ezine edition.

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